Tuesday, August 23, 2005

jg's new gig - spikesource

I leave for my big bike trip around the canyons tomorrow and when I get back I'll be starting my new job at SpikeSource, a small startup delivering services on open source software. Two months off is enough for this cat. Time to get back into it. I'm really jazzed about working in such a small company, and it's a very interesting space. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about spike.

One other note: I'm still in the "pro-bubble" camp. If it hasn't already, housing will peak soon and then start to pull back. Even a "leveling off" will likely be the catalyst for a more serious downturn. Why? Well, when the flippers realize that flipping won't make ya shit if the market is flat, then they'll stop flipping. Investors who buy condos sight unseen will find some new place for their fickle investments causing supply to rise and making downturn even more severe.

To that end, I'm currently short on the following stocks: LEN LEND KBH TOL DSL and FNM. I got into most of these about a week ago, but I think there's still more downside on many of them. See the "Bay Area Housing Bubble" link on the right for more. What are some other "housing bubble stocks" to consider shorting? Here are a few: BZH, CTX, GP, HOV, PHM. Just watch out for the dividends :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

One From The Vault

Anyone reading this probably knows I'm a big time deadhead. It's hard to believe it's been this long, but Tuesday August 9, 2005 was the 10th anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death.

It was also a day I will never forget -- as I got a guided tour of "The Vault" from Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux. You may have seen the article featuring David and GDP mixer Jeffrey Norman in the New York Times on Wed. 8/9.

It borders on cosmic that this was the day I went to Navato to see this amazing space.

This whole thing came about because my friend Jian had interviewed David last year for his radio show on CBC. David offered to give him a tour of the studio and the vault whenever he came to San Francisco. As Jian was in town this past week, he asked if I wanted to come along.

Above is a picture Jeffrey, Jian, and me in the mixing studio. Jeffery was in the process of re-mastering the 1969 Fillmore shows which will be released in a big box set later this year. Amazingly, these shows were recording in 16 tracks. Apparently only two 16-track Ampex machines existed in 1969, and the Grateful Dead used one for that Fillmore run.

The vault contains every piece of Grateful Dead (both audio and video) material that exists. There are analogs, DATs, reels, film, 1", 2", you name it. Truly an amazing experience for someone who loves the Dead as much as I do.

Now, if I can only find a way to see the video hilighted in green above :)

Monday, August 01, 2005


Heather and I finally got around to seeing Million Dollar Baby last night. I went in fresh... I knew it was supposed to be great and was about a girl boxer, but that's about all I knew. I didn't even know Morgan Freeman was in it, but I guessed that after about 20 seconds of narration.

I suppose I agree with this guy's yahoo review Yes, the acting (of the three main characters) was good, the lighting, the camera work -- all that stuff -- was great, but so what? The story was weak and the last half hour was painful to watch. Leave it to Hollywood to throw you a fastball up-and-in that you can't possibly spin away from in the 8th inning. Booooo. At least in baseball you'd get awarded first base. What do you get here? You get to feel like shit for a half hour.

Well pardon me, but had I known I would've had to deal with that I wouldn't have rented it. If I want to see Clint, Morgan, or Hilary, there are plenty of great titles out there. I find it hard to believe not one of the critics slammed this thing, but I guess nobody wants to say anything bad about Clint.

Pbbbft. Lame.